When people from different cultural backgrounds meet to work together, the adventure starts.

In a globalized world, this adventure can be a dream or a nightmare.  

It all depends on how the people in each team are connected, interact and understand each other.

Diversity increases creativity, enhances a wider vision and respect. It leads to more alternatives, better solutions and decisions. Diverse and intercultural teams can build amazing innovative projects.

However, diversity can also add stress, miscommunication, mistrust and cause a lack of cohesion and awareness. Diverse teams can be a nightmare when differences are ignored.

The line between success and failure is very thin.

Consultancy in intercultural competence is not about dos and don’ts.

It is about enhancing real communication and understanding among the members of culturally diverse teams so that they can put together all their skills, knowledge and capabilities and build a successful project.

It is about global mindset.

If you have a culturally diverse team and are lost in translation, I can help you untie the knot.